Relationship Counseling: Rebuild your partnership

Our unique approach to couples counseling uses the power of DBT® to improve your communication, heal your connection, and strengthen your bonds of love and friendship.

DBT Couples Therapy

Are you and your partner in a rut and struggling to connect after years of being together? Have you stopped communicating effectively with each other and feel unheard and misunderstood?

ADBTA’s DBT®-based couples counseling is a highly effective approach to help heal relationships.  This is because we focus on enhancing interpersonal effectiveness, communication skills, and emotion regulation—essential elements in fostering healthy relationships. We equip couples with practical tools to manage conflicts, navigate emotional intensity, and improve understanding between partners.

Our counseling incorporates mindfulness techniques that encourage individuals to stay present in the moment, fostering empathy and reducing reactive responses during disagreements. By teaching skills such as validation and active listening, ADBTA’s therapy will enhance the quality of communication within the relationship, promoting mutual understanding and connection. 

What To Expect

Both partners will participate in a 90-minute intake assessment, conducted by one of our Relationship Counseling specialists.  During this time, the clinician will assess your situation, needs, and goals. You will learn more about the DBT® modality of treatment and what to expect so that you can determine if DBT® is a fit for you.

The initial intake assessment fee is $150. 

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