10 Activities That Can Add More Joy to Your Week

We don’t often put much value on cultivating joy, though it can positively impact our health and increase resilience and resistance to life’s challenges. Joy is like a sweet, natural medicine that can improve the overall quality of our lives. At the very least, having something joyful to look forward to can make the weekdays feel a bit lighter.

Here are ten research-backed ways to add more joy into your life:

  1. A Daily Affirmation – Start your day with some good vibes. There are tons of affirmation apps you can try, or you can purchase some cards to keep around your house. If you’re into female empowerment, this deck is my personal favorite.
  2. Plan Something Fun on Wednesday – At the start of the week, the weekend can feel so far away. Having something planned for Wednesday can make the week go by faster. Whether it’s making plans with friends or gifting yourself with some takeout, Wednesday can be made to feel like Friday!
  3. Write Someone a Note – This is an especially fun one to do with someone in your household. Surprise them by leaving a handwritten note somewhere they’ll see to make them smile 🙂
  4. Add Some Color to Your Space – Making your environment a bit more aesthetically pleasing can make a bigger difference than you’d think.
  5. Spend More Time with People Who Bring You Joy – Pay attention to the people in your life you feel your best around and put more energy into those relationships.
  6. One Moment of Gratitude Each Day – A daily gratitude practice is one of the easiest ways to cultivate a more positive outlook on life. Consider setting a daily alarm on your phone so you don’t forget!
  7. Find Happy Movement – From the stress relief to the rush of endorphins we get from movement, we already know how good exercise is for our well-being. But if hitting the gym isn’t your thing, do some dancing or yoga in your house! Or maybe simply spend some extra time playing with your pets. Anything that gets you moving and puts a smile on your face is a 10/10!
  8. Do a Favor for Someone – I like to call this reverse self-care. Often, altruism can make you feel even better than doing something for yourself. If you’re on the lookout for it, you can find ways to help others each week!
  9. Re-connect with an Old Hobby – Find a new sense of accomplishment and passion in starting up an activity you used to enjoy. Don’t worry about whether or not you’ve “still got it”, just do it! Bonus points if your activity involves the community, as a sense of belonging can do wonders for increasing life satisfaction.
  10. Take a Picture of Something Joyful Each Day – There are various journaling apps that you can use to document this. From personal experience, 1 Second Everyday Diary is a great one.

Even if you do none of these activities, you can add joy to your life by intentionally slowing down and savoring the pleasant moments more often. Way to go, you bundle of joy!!

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