Journal Prompts for Mental Health

Taking the time to write out your thoughts can sort of be like giving yourself therapy. Journaling can not only improve your mental health, but it can also boost your physical health, the quality of your relationships, your overall life satisfaction, and more!

Below are some powerful prompts to help guide you through your own self-reflection and discovery:

General Check-In: 

  • What has been taking up most of my mind space?
  • How have I been taking care of myself physically?
  • Is there anything I need to let go of?
  • What are three things I’m grateful for, two things I’m proud of myself for, and one act of self-care I can do?


  • Where do I feel anxiety in my body?
  • What is my anxiety trying to prepare me for or protect me from?
  • What would I do differently if I had no anxiety?
  • How can I treat myself kindly when I’m having an anxious thought?


  • What is my inner critic telling me right now? Challenge those thoughts.
  • What’s one thing I need? What’s the first step toward fulfilling this need?
  • What gives me purpose or what do I find meaningful?
  • Am I isolating? Who can I reach out to?

When Feeling Triggered:

  • What was the trigger? Or what set off my reaction?
  • What was I thinking in that moment?
  • What evidence supports that thought and what evidence does not support that thought?
  • How can I cope next time I’m in a similar situation?

Body Image:

  • What messages have I internalized about body image?
  • Are any of these messages unreasonable, unrealistic, or unhelpful?
  • What impact do these messages have on my life?
  • What does my ideal relationship with my body look like?


  • What is my favorite memory with my loved one?
  • What did I learn from them?
  • How is life different without them?
  • What would I say to them now?

Once you’re done, ask yourself: What’s the most valuable insight I have gained from this reflection?

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