Our DBT® therapists will help you create a life worth living.

Our specialized mental health counseling helps adults, teens, families, and couples heal, grow and thrive. 

Why choose Austin DBT Associates

Austin DBT Associates (ADBTA) is one of the leading Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT®) providers in Texas. 

One of the most common frustrations with therapy is feeling like you gain insight during a session, but it doesn’t translate into behavioral change outside of the session. Our complete DBT® program includes individual therapy, skills training, team consultation and phone coaching.  This comprehensive approach is often more effective than traditional therapy because we teach the skills and provide the tools to help people cope with intense emotions, enhance interpersonal relationships, and navigate challenging situations.

DBT Therapy Austin

How can we help?

Adult DBT® Counseling

Our individual counseling will help address depression, anxiety, and more.  Unlike many other DBT® programs, Austin DBT Associates is a fully adherent program. This means that you will benefit from individual therapy, skills training, a consultation team, and phone coaching outside of sessions.

DBT Groups

Teen DBT® Counseling

DBT® is proven to be particularly effective for teens, helping them cope with intense emotions, enhance interpersonal relationships, and navigate challenging situations.  DBT® teaches practical skills, provides validation, and takes a highly structured approach, making DBT® well-suited to helping teens overcome the complexities of adolescence.

DBT Couples Therapy

Relationship Counseling (for Couples and Families)

DBT® is a highly effective approach for couples counseling because of its emphasis on enhancing interpersonal effectiveness, communication skills, and emotion regulation—essential elements in fostering healthy relationships. DBT® equips couples with practical tools to manage conflicts, navigate emotional intensity, and improve understanding between partners.

Group Skills Classes

Group Skills Classes

We offer in-person and virtual group skills for adults and adolescents (ages 12-17).  Our DBT® group skills classes provide individuals with a supportive and structured environment to learn and practice essential skills for emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and effective coping strategies, fostering personal growth and resilience.

Nurse Practitioner

Medication Management

In addition to counseling services, our in-house Board Certified Mental Health Nurse Practitioner can assess and prescribe medication for adults and teens struggling with depression, anxiety, and personality disorders.


Real stories from real people

I know there are a variety of clinicians that work here, but I can say that my experiences with my counselor has been 5 stars. Even in just a few weeks, she has been so incredibly helpful – one of the best counselors I think I have ever seen. I’m so grateful for my sessions here.


The level of care, compassion, and kindness that I’ve gotten has been exponentially better than any therapist I’ve seen in the past. Her professional advice and support has meant the world to me and my recovery. For self pay, the prices are well worth it and the healing I’ve been able to do is worth every penny and then some. 


My therapist at DBT Associates has been caring, kind, compassionate, and an advocate for my healthcare. She has promptly completed paperwork for my employer and has kept me accountable for my targets.  They offer affordable group therapy. Group therapy is great because it provides structure and you can follow along with the DBT workbook.


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