Using 7 Energy Centers in Psychotherapy

The 7 Layers of Healing

Deep healing occurs when we mindfully address and work through imbalances in these 7 layers, or energy centers, starting from layer 1 up to layer 7. We can also, identify a particular area that needs to be addressed and focus there.

Root | Flow | Fire | Love | Truth | Insight | Spirit

1st Layer – Root Stability

This first layer is about grounding yourself energetically. It represents our survival fears, the physical body, our family of origin, and our early attachments. When out of balance it represents anxiety, insecurity, and instability.

Restoring Balance at the Root

Be present in your body; observe sensations

Be in nature more and get sunshine

Eat healthy proteins, minerals, & red foods to nourish: grass fed red meat, strawberries, tomatoes, red peppers and etc.

Decrease stimulants

Grounding Stance

Stand w/ feet parallel, shoulder width apart

Press heels out a little wider than your toes

Soften knees

Press down and out w/ feet. Feel the resistance of your feet

2nd Layer – Emotional Flow

The second layer is about our sexuality, emotions, and reproductive systems. It represents creativity, birthing of new projects, and it is our emotional world in terms of relationship towards others. When out of balance, it represents not being able to let go and making fear-based decisions from emotional mind.

Restoring Balance to Flow

Cultivate creative practices: Music, painting, design, carpentry, cooking, writing, and etc

Stay well hydrated

Consume healthy fats: Avocados, nuts, and coconuts

Enjoy lots of orange foods: sweet potatoes, carrots, citrus and etc

Build intimacy with others

Practice acceptance skills to learn to let go

Ride the wave of emotions

3rd Layer – Fire & Digestion

This third layer is about stamina, metabolism, empowerment, and digestion. It represents what is meaningful to us, what we can literally and metaphorically process, and our sense of self. When out of balance it represents burn out, toxic shame, and powerlessness.

Restoring Balance of Fire

Write down a few important goals

Take small doable actions towards goals

Heal digestive issues

Take vitamin B supplement and eat golden foods: legumes, ginger, turmeric and etc

Use mantra “That’s Good Enough”

Set aside time every day to relax

4th Level – Love & Compassion

This forth layer is about compassion, grief, intimacy, empathy, and joy. It represents self-love, meaningful relationships, and wellbeing. When out of balance it represents unresolved grief, rigidity, judgments, and loneliness.

Restoring Balance of Love

Practice self-compassion & self-care

Build secure loving relationships

Practice gratitude

Be of service to others

Explore expansive movement: dance, walk, hike, run, yoga and etc

Eat plenty of greens: leafy greens, broccoli, green beans, brussel sprouts, spirulina, chlorella and etc.

5th Layer – Truth & Communication

This fifth layer is about speaking our truth, being authentic, and creatively expressing ourselves in the world. It represents feeling supported, listening, and expressing our needs. When out of balance it represents shame and fear that keeps us hiding, feeling trapped, and unhealthy self-expression.

Restoring Balance of Our Truth

Build a supportive and validating tribe

Practice speaking your truth. Be honest & open

Learn to overcome fears

Consume sea vegetables: nori, dulse, hijiki, arame, & kelp

Eat plenty of soups, stews, sauces, and liquid foods for throat health

Creative expression: singing, praying, chanting, speaking, and writing

6th Level – Insight & Intuition

This sixth layer is about connection, intuition, mind, and values. It represents a sense of deeper purpose, existential concerns, and our circadian rhythms. When out of balance it presents sleep problems, being out of sync with nature’s rhythms, busyness, restlessness, and excessive thinking.

Restoring Balance of Insight

Practice reflection, meditation, and journaling

Go out in nature. Be in awe of natural surroundings

Eat plenty of white and nutrient dense foods: Coconut, onions, garlic, cabbage, cauliflower, white beans and etc.

Get adequate sleep (for most it is about 8 hours)

Practice listening to your “intuition”

Chant ‘Om’

7th Level – Spirit & Wisdom

This seventh layer is about wisdom, consciousness, deep intuitive knowing, and divine energy. It is beyond self, further representing universal energy, the higher-self, and connection to all living things. When out of balance it represents feeling disconnected, separate, having nightmares, confusion, and depression.

Restoring Balance of Spirit

Have energy work done: Reiki, Acupuncture, chakra healing, cranial sacral and etc.

Take time for gratitude and prayer

Practice loving kindness meditation

Quiet time is one of the greatest tools

Practice positive visualizations

Spend time in nature and in awe of natural surroundings

Pilgrimage to sacred places

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