Trauma Talks Series: Healing Trauma and Encapsulated Self

During overwhelming or traumatic events, energetic forces feel too much, too strong, and too fast to process adaptively. A force is simply a moving field or wave of energy, made up of charged particles. These ‘energetic forces’ are subtle energy that may be seen or invisible, and can be physical, emotional, environmental, relational, and/or spiritual in nature. The original force(s) are overwhelming; however, it is the stress response held in the body, and the secondary forces that come from the unprocessed trauma, that lead to chronic mental, behavioral, or physical illnesses and hardships. Common chronic issues are mental health symptoms, autoimmune disorders, migraines, and/or pain.

The stress response from the trauma encapsulates the wounded part of self into a shock bubble; frozen in the original trauma state. The rest of the self (psyche) then moves on, as a survival response; thus, abandoning the wounded part in the stress bubble. The trauma goes on unprocessed, leaving the wounded part in the darkness to relive the trauma internally. When triggered, the person experiences this, and secondary forces are used to keep it from surfacing, as protection. The trauma originally came from outside of us, and when left unprocessed, our systems respond physically and energetically by creating inner secondary responses to deal with the stress left over from the original trauma. Overtime, the secondary responses cause harm to us, manifesting into chronic illnesses and challenges.

Trauma happens from outside in, so healing also works best from outside in. Assistance from another centered, caring, and present person, healer, spirit guide, or our own self-energy (higher self), is often necessary. Helping the wounded self to emerge from the shock bubble to grieve, release, and heal. Qualities such as compassion, forgiveness, curiosity, openness, validation, gentleness, patience, and courage allow this process to happen. EMDR therapy & parts work, including IFS therapy, are extremely beneficial in helping the shocked, frozen, and locked stress energies to transform, and assist the wounded aspects of our psyche to adaptively reprocess the grief, pain, and wounding experiences.

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