Time Management Series – Hacks for Avoiding Burnout

Welcome to part three of this three-part blog series for time management! This blog will discuss ways to avoid burnout. But first, take a nice long inhale and exhale.

  • Breaks Make You More Productive: Breaks re-energize your mind, which can enhance focus, creativity, and productivity. An idea called the Pomodoro Technique suggests working for 25 minutes, followed by a 5-minute break, and after four cycles of this, rewarding yourself with a longer break. If this is a bit too structured for you, aim to take a break every 30-90 minutes, depending on how you feel.
  • Say No More Often: Especially for the opportunities that don’t align with your priorities, or plans that make you think, “meh, I could go without it”, just say no. This prevents you from spreading yourself too thin, allowing you to protect your precious peace.
  • Realistic Expectations: Sometimes things take longer than expected. Sometimes you won’t get as much done as you thought you would. Sometimes you have to scale back. These realities are part of life, so don’t beat yourself up when you’re faced with one! Progress isn’t always linear, so be flexible and kind to yourself.

Your needs will evolve over time, so stay aware of what’s working for you and what’s not.

Yay, productivity with ease!

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