Self Care

How to Start Following Through on Your Goals

Do you struggle with not following through on ideas, plans, or goals?  Research shows that we get a dopamine hit from daydreaming about an enticing thought, but that “high” goes away when it’s time to put in the effort to make that concept a reality. When we lose that motivation, we may seek out a […]

Self Care

How to Start Taking Your Own Advice

We all know someone who continuously runs into the same problems over and over. The solution to their troubles seems to be so obvious to everyone but them, and it can be painful to watch!   What if I told you that we can all be that person sometimes?   A reason why it’s so easy to

Self Care

Ideas for Energy

Do you feel tired more often than you’d like? Read through these suggestions to see if there’s anything you can tweak in your routine to give you an extra daily boost!

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