Mental Health Tips

Holiday Host Etiquette: Handling Grief

If you’re inviting someone to your home and they’re grieving, be sure you’re inviting their grief to attend, too. It will be there, anyway. Don’t invite someone with the goal of cheering them up for the holidays. Don’t expect them to put on a happy face in your home. Don’t demand they fake it til […]

Family Counseling

Healthy Co-Parenting After Divorce

Divorce can be an emotionally taxing, anxiety-provoking event for an entire family. However, parents do have some control over the extent to which the separation has an impact on their children.   Psychologist Elizabeth Ellis, known for her book Divorce Wars, has identified the number one factor that determines the outcome of divorce for children: conflict.


How to Talk to an Angry Teen

It’s well known that the teen years are the most trying time for parents. It may seem like their rebellion is personal, and that they’re determined to make your home life miserable; but in reality, this is a natural process.

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