Emotion Regulation

Mental Health Tips

An Exciting Approach to Managing Anxiety

Sometimes I chuckle to myself thinking about a moment years ago when my young cousin was feeling nervous. I had been encouraging her to try a breathing technique to calm down. After a few tries, she said, “I don’t want to breathe. I’m too wound up!”. Though she could have given the breathwork more of […]

Mental Health Tips

Handling Being Overstimulated

What is overstimulation?  Overstimulation is the experience of feeling overwhelmed by too much sensory input in your environment. It’s essentially your body’s way of alerting you that it has reached its limit. It can feel extremely uncomfortable and even alarming if you’re unsure of what’s happening to you.   Who does it happen to?  Those who

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Handling Shame

Shame is a powerful emotion, and it’s a sneaky one too. Shame thrives in the dark, in silence. It’s associated with low self-esteem, and it can also show up in unexpected ways.


How to Be Less Emotionally Reactive

Do you feel like you overreact to situations more than you’d like to? Perhaps your moods can shift quickly, or perhaps you’ve said or done some things in the heat of the moment that you’ve later regretted.

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