Mindfully's In School Behavioral Health Services

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Mindfully Student Health Services is the new name for the school-based services provided by Nancy Lowrie & Associates.

Mindfully is a trusted partner for Northeast Ohio schools. We have delivered child and adolescent therapy, family counseling, behavioral health therapy, psychotherapy, and other mental health services to the region for over 25 years.

Mindfully Student Health Services Ohio

Mindfully's On-Site Student Therapy, Services, and Programs

Our school services team consists of behavioral health counselors and psychotherapists.

We have extensive experience in addressing the educational, emotional, social, and behavioral challenges that children and adolescents experience, and that educators often encounter.

Key Benefits:
Schools gain additional in-school resources at no charge.  Students gain additional personal attention.  Suspensions are reduced and test scores improve.

Our services are covered by Medicaid and many private insurance providers.  We handle all of the insurance processing.

Mindfully Student Health Services Ohio

Our on-site therapy services include:

  • Developing strategies for managing relationships with peers, parents, and teachers
  • Teaching social and communication skills
  • Learning to manage anger, and cope with depression, anxiety, ADHD, and mood disorders
  • Decreasing impulsivity and distractability
  • Managing family problems
  • Controlling eating disorders and self-harm and more.

Advantages of Mindfully's 
Student Health Counseling 

  • Our therapists are Ohio-licensed Masters-level LPCC or LISW mental health professionals.
  • We augment and extend the services that schools may already offer.
  • We provide on-site emotional and behavioral therapeutic services to students at no cost to schools.
  • We provide mental health assessments and chemical dependency evaluations at no cost to schools.
  • We can develop specific programs, including student transition programs, teacher training programs, etc.
  • We are approved by every major insurance company and medical HMOs.
  • We can be on-site part-time or full-time.
  • We handle all of the insurance processing.
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