Psychology Tricks for Communication

Welcome to the coolest part of PSYCH 101, psychology hacks! These tips can help you improve your interpersonal skills, build social confidence, and deepen connections.

  • Eye Contact – This is one that many struggle with! Though, maintaining a good amount of eye contact portrays engagement and confidence. Something that can help you to hold eye contact is to check for someone’s eye color, really noticing the details of their eyes. Then, slowly switch your gaze between their two eyes. When you look away, do so slowly so you don’t come across as nervous or uncomfortable.
  • Use people’s names in conversation. This can grab their attention and make them feel valued.
  • Mirror the body language and tone of those you’d like to connect with. People tend to gravitate toward those who are similar to them, so mirroring them can send a subconscious signal that you are relatable to them.
  • Don’t be afraid of pausing while you speak. Pauses can emphasize parts of your message, but filler words like “uh” or “um” can come across as a lack of confidence.
  • If you nod while speaking to someone, they will be more likely to agree with you.
  • If you want someone to elaborate more, stay silent when they’re done speaking. They’ll likely continue speaking to break the silence.
  • Finally, talk less and listen more. Not only will people enjoy talking to you, but when you do speak, your contribution will likely be more impactful.

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