Move Through Anger, Resentment, Anxiety and Make Room for Acceptance and Forgiveness

Anger is a stepping-stone to forgiveness. It is natural and appropriate for you to feel frustrated and angry at certain times. And many of you are feeling irritability and anger bubble to the surface, maybe even more so, currently in our world. Let us show you how to release anger, resentment, and anxiety, accept them and forgive.

Anger ManagementLearning how to allow anger to come into your awareness, be observant of the message the anger may have for you, and then allowing it to flow through your body and energy, is how to let it go and move on. When you also observe the message, if there is a message, such as you have taken on too much, you can then open space to take action accordingly.

This can be tricky because as the anger and resentment surface it may feel uncomfortable and like you worse off, you may even believe it is intolerable, but I want you to know you can do this, and it is good for you to do so.

You may also want to learn more about how self-compassion heals anger and anxiety and find a compassionate and qualified counselor to guide you through this process.

Steps to working with your anger:

1. Allow it to come into your awareness

2. Observe it, witness it by describing to yourself what you notice

3. Take a moment to breathe with it

4. Befriend it. Be kind and compassionate towards your anger

5. Take a moment to breathe with it again

6. Ask internally if it wants to let you know anything

7. Observe and allow it to move through you

Imagine letting it softly go into the wind or down a stream or some other beautiful natural element or scene, even if only a little bit at a time.

The more you do this process the more vital you will feel. Opening space for more energy, creativity, and joy. Wow – it is a no-brainer on what you should invest in finding ways to forgive and learn ways to improve your mental health.

Forgiveness gives you a way to express your true feelings of anger, fear, hurt, powerlessness, guilt, shame, etc., rather than repressing and creating more burdens. This process clears away trauma.

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