Challenging Beliefs About Chronic Pain & Discomfort

Chronic pain and physical discomfort can be extremely difficult to endure. Not only is the actual sensation uncomfortable (maybe even unbearable), but the feeling of being held back from living the life you want can be devastating. This article is meant to briefly discuss potentially limiting beliefs that may add to your suffering. May you feel more empowered to take back control of your life.

Is Pain Something to Be Afraid of?  

Pain is meant to be a warning signal of potential danger, so it’s only natural to experience fear along with it. When it comes to chronic pain, the inability to alleviate our discomfort can make it seem like something is really wrong. However, pain itself is nothing more than a sensation. It’s natural communication from our hardworking bodies. Resistance to pain is natural, though it may be helpful to challenge the belief that it needs to be fixed. Though undesirable, perhaps the pain is allowed to be there.

What About the Lost Productivity? 

It can be hard to accept the reality of being unable to be as productive as we’d like, especially if we used to get more done daily. Though it’s important to be honest with ourselves about our limits so we don’t worsen our pain, it can be frustrating to feel like we aren’t contributing as much.

Many of us have subconsciously adopted the idea that our level of output equates to our worth (as if we’re robots!). This belief is worth challenging. No matter what state we’re in, we are valuable humans. It may serve us better to seek value in who we are rather than what we do. Consider shifting the placement of worth from “How much did I get done today?” to “How well did I live up to my values today?”.

Finally, it can be beneficial to challenge yourself to be open to new ways of living and new goals. You may not have chosen this pain, but you do get to choose what you do now. You never know where you’ll be in the future. Your choices today have an impact; it’s up to you to decide what you want that impact to be.  

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