3 Mental Health Apps Worth Trying

For most of us, our phones have taken on a major role in our day-to-day lives. Sometimes checking our phones can feel more like an automatic habit rather than a conscious choice. I can always tell I’m mindlessly using my phone when I close an app just to immediately re-open that exact same app. We’ve all been there!

But how can we make this process a bit better for our wellbeing?

Often, the go-to apps many of us utilize are social media apps, and these apps have the potential to make us feel worse than we felt before checking the phone. An alternate avenue to consider is checking a mental health app instead!

There are tons of awesome mental health apps out there, so I wanted to list three of my favorite free ones. This is not sponsored, simply my opinion, and I encourage you to search around yourself for apps that align best with your needs. Let’s get into it!

Meditation: Insight Timer

  • I’ve tried a handful of meditation apps, each having its own unique benefits, but Insight Timer takes the cake for me simply because it has the largest selection of meditation tracks that are offered for free. Can’t beat that!

Crisis Intervention: Calm Harm

  • Calm Harm is great for “riding the wave” of an emotional crisis. The app was made to help break the cycle of self-harm, but it can also be used for quickSOS activities to turn your mood around when you’re feeling depressed or overwhelmed!

Self-Care/ Maintenance: Finch

  • Finch is a daily self-care app. This one provides you with your own virtual bird that you raise through completing various self-care activities. Each time you go on the app, you do a quick check-in, and from there you’re given a selection of activities based on your current mood. I like this app because it helps me to maintain daily self-reflection and gratitude practice… and it’s also just super cute!

The idea here is to shift towards checking your phone for the purpose of giving yourself a boost, rather than just scrolling to pass time! Intentionally choose the content you absorb

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